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Ziyasiza focuses on the following five areas:

1. Infrastructure, data centre design and structured wiring solutions

  • All solutions are designed to the clients’ specific requirements and managed from start to finish, installing all the hardware elements required to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the data centre.
  • Our partnership with Commscope Krone provides clients with a 25 year guarantee on all network infrastructural installations.

2. IP CCTV solutions

  • CCTV camera surveillance can provide the impartial witness to any situation. From entry level camera solutions to high end CCTV solutions, Ziyasiza can provide a solution to match our clients’ specific needs.  With leading technologies, our hardware installations will empower security teams across all work environments and give them up-to-the minute footage coupled with superior image quality and maximum coverage.

3. Wi-Fi solutions

  • Ziyasiza’s wireless solutions offer clients cost-effective security of their wireless environment. The guest authentication feature creates a secure network which is user friendly for both guests and staff.
  • We are partnered resellers of Mi-WiFi and as such the solutions are fully customisable to accommodate multiple rooms and guests within each room.
  • In accordance to the POPI Act, the establishment is responsible for all the information captured on the platform. Measures can be put in place to ensure that guests accept and agree to the terms and conditions of using the wireless network.

4. Access control, fire suppression and BMS monitoring

  • A single point of contact for access control, fire suppression and other building management systems promote operational efficiency and prompt response to problems. All aspects of risk management, business continuity, change management, quality assurance and security are taken into account when designing a building management system (BMS).
  • It is essential not only to have planning and consultation ahead of installation, but there must be processes in place to comprehensively manage and maintain the system. Regular testing, maintenance and training of staff on updates of hardware and software will ensure operational effectiveness and efficiency.

5. Intelligent LED lighting solution

  • Changing from traditional fluorescent lighting to LED lighting can cut lighting costs dramatically. LED lighting with POE will reduce costs exponentially with expenses possibly being reduced to 10% of the current electrical bill.
  • Through the wtec AG Smartengine Solution, next generation intelligent building platform for lighting and building performance management, we are able to create cost-effective lighting systems which are centrally managed. The software offers motion detection, occupancy detection, daylight harvesting, HVac control and cleaning schedules. This platform will cut energy costs and improve operational efficiency of both facilities and data centres.

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