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Internal audit has an overall important role to play that can be summed up in three complementary objectives:

  • To help management in identifying processes, controls and remediate actions, once a risk is assessed relevant to the business
  • To report on the effectiveness of the system of internal control to the Audit Committee
  • To be a catalyst ensuring managers in the business are actively improving either the design or effectiveness of the system of internal control to mitigate risk appropriately

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Outsourcing of Internal Audit Function
  • Assisting clients with developing an assurance framework that will drive their assurance activities across the assurance cycle. An assurance framework ensures that all key business processes are considered during the audit cycle
  • Assisting with development of annual audit plans
  • Assisting in developing and implementing audit methodologies based on leading practice
  • Executing audits in line with our clients’ audit methodologies. We typically deliver the following types of audits:
    • Strategic reviews
    • Overall governance reviews including policies and procedure reviews
    • Business planning reviews
    • Risk management reviews
    • Financial audits including, budgeting and forecasting, fixed assets, treasury, working capital etc.
    • Shared services reviews including accounting and employee services
    • Regulatory audits i.e. competition compliance and business integrity
    • Operational audits
    • Safety and health audits
    • Social and labour audits
    • Cyber security reviews
    • Information Technology/Management reviews including data centre reviews, server rooms, general IT controls and application reviews
    • Change management reviews
    • Benefits tracking reviews
    • Capital project audits
    • Time management reviews
    • Business continuity management reviews
    • Supply chain/Procurement and sales reviews
    • Reporting to the Executive Committee, Audit and Risk Committee

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