Helping our clients manage their business risks with
a solid understanding of enterprise wide risk
management strategies and principles.


A cost-effective solution enhancing the operational
performance of your Data Centre and Structure Wiring.


Value add and risk based internal auditing,
how to become a business partner, specialised internal
audit outsourcing and internal audit training.

Ziyasiza designs targeted pragmatic solutions for our clients. Solutions that enable them to govern and manage their current business risks, identify, evaluate, and manage emerging risks whilst optimizing business processes to increase competitive advantage
Andre Swart – Ziyasiza


Business Process Performance is of strategic importance to every company, encouraging smoother proce...

Capital Projects

Drawing on our extensive industry experience, our management team offers a wealth of knowledge of lo...

Data Privacy (POPI)

With the rampant cybersecurity breeches, the protection of data is even more important than ever. Al...

Fraud Risk Management

Fraud in companies has become endemic. Knowledge is one of the few genuine tools against dishonesty,...

Infrastructure, Data Centres and Structure Wiring

Ziyasiza focuses on the following five areas: Infrastructure, data centre design and structured w...

Integrated Risk Management

It is our belief that no business can succeed if it does not understand what its risks are. The capa...

Internal Audit

Internal audit has an overall important role to play that can be summed up in three complementary ob...

Information Technology

IT Strategy, Cyber Security, Information Security, Data Analytics, Regulatory and compliance, IT go...

Procurement Specialists

We have a wide range of leading practice frameworks and methodologies that we utilise when required....

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